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This is our current “fleet” of boats:

We don't put more than 4 guests on each of our boats... unless you have a larger group and you choose to fish 5 or more on the same boat. Many of our larger boats will easily fish 5, 6 or more very efficiently. We provide a discount for groups of 5 or more who choose to fish together.

Highliner Fishing
32’ Little Hoquiam - F/V Highliner fishes 4-6 guests
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32’ Coldwater - F/V One Arm Bandit… fishes 4 guests
32’ Almar - F/V Sunrise… fishes 4 guests
37’ Alaskan Kat - F/V Ali-Kat… fishes 4-6 guests
50’ Delta - Burning Daylight… fishes 6 to 10 guests. This boat is capable of overnight fishing expeditions.
Delta interior
50' Delta - Burning Daylight Interior - Lots of room, comfortable and warm!
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50’ Commercial Salmon Troller - F/V Pelican… this boat is not for sport fishing… it is for “Deadliest Catching” (formerly called Dude Fishing). Non-stop action and no limits on salmon! Fishes 4-6 guests. Yacht quality interior.