The best remote sport fishing in Alaska!

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Looking for the best sportfishing resort in Alaska? Highliner Lodge and Charters is the one remote Alaskan charter fishing vacation destination with the highest catch rates and the largest halibut in all of the state!

We provide all-inclusive multi-day package charter fishing adventure vacations that include your seaplane flight from Juneau to Pelican, AK, guided-fishing, all meals, fish packing, gear, and tackle.

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Highliner Lodge is located “Closest to the Fish," and that is why we are the fastest growing fishing lodge in Alaska!

We catch king salmon, silver salmon, and halibut all on the same day! In addition, we offer access to the most productive and unexploited sportfishing in Alaska. Nowhere else in Alaska—or the world—can you find such an abundance of sport fish!

If you think that this just more of the usual unsubstantiated and outlandish claims that all so-called "sportfishing lodges" make, please do yourself a favor and carefully read the first three pages of our website. I am confident that you will find compelling evidence and see that our claims are fully justified and that you will choose Highliner Lodge and Charters Inc. as your next sportfishing destination!

Doesn't everyone claim to be the "best?" Not really! Most lodges don't want to talk about catch rates or average size halibut. It's too embarrassing!

Where we have rivals, those destinations are now crushed by industrial tourism. If you can get there by car, RV, or cruise ship, or if you can land a jet there, then it will be like any other so-called "world-class" fishing destination—over-hyped, overcrowded, overfished, and underwhelming.

Location, Location, Location!

Salmon and halibut migrate in the Gulf of Alaska from the west to the east. Because the area directly to the west of our fishing grounds is so remote and inaccessible, there is almost no fishing. This 450 by 100 mile stretch of the migratory path (the purple area marked “unfished”) in a virtual marine sanctuary.

We are the first in line to take fish migrating from this area. That's why we like to say we are “Closest to the Fish!” It is also why our halibut is three times larger than Sitka, Seward, and Homer!

Our halibut average 45 lb while their halibut only averages 15 lb. This is because our fishing grounds are NOT overfished! (The table in the upper right-hand corner of the chart is blown up below for a better view of the average halibut weights). Our halibut are counted in the Glacier Bay area. I have highlighted Yakutat because they also fish in this unexploited area and that's why they have the second largest halibut in the state.

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If you're not catching fish, shouldn't you change your location?

Formerly, great fishing areas do get fished out. Regulations change to protect the few remaining fish. (Google “Local Depletion Sitka”)

Did you think that fish are evenly distributed throughout the ocean and that it doesn't matter where you fish? I'm sorry to say this but, if you do, you aren't much of a fisherman.

I have done nothing but fish for a living for almost 40 years, and I want to tell you a secret—LOCATION is the single most important factor in catching salmon and halibut!

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Whether you are enjoying a beautifully prepared four-star dinner, or the incredible view from the Highliner Lodge; it is perhaps our scale of humanity, the intimacy of a small fishing village, and the conspicuous domination of nature over man... that humbly sets us apart from other destinations.

Nah… actually it's the fishing! We have all of the above… but it's really all about the fishing!

City of Pelican, Alaska

Highliner Lodge and Charters Inc. is situated 100 miles north of Sitka in the former commercial fishing boomtown of Pelican, AK.


Pelican's fish processing plant hasn't been operating for many years now. The quaint Alaskan fishing village now has a population of less than 100 year-round residents.

Although most of the commercial fishing fleet has left because they have no one to sell their fish to, the fish are still here! We have built Highliner Lodge and Charters Inc. where the fish are—where YOU can catch fish! Most lodges are built where THEY can catch people.


Getting Here

We are located approximately 90 miles west of Juneau, AK on Chichagof Island. During the summer months (late May through August), there are 3 scheduled float plane flights from Juneau to Pelican operated by Alaska Seaplanes. The cost of the float plane ride is built into your package price. This flight makes getting here an incredible experience in itself!

The town is named after Charlie Raatikainen’s fish packing boat the “Pelican”


Our Only Road Is a 12-Foot Wide Wooden Boardwalk

Because it’s away from cruise ships and airports, some people say the Pelican is the undiscovered gem of Southeast Alaska! However, Highliner Lodge and Charters Inc. has been "discovered."

We have grown by 80%, 20%, and 96% in 2010, 2011, and 2012, respectively. We only started in 2005 with zero business. Remember, this is during the Great Recession! My accountant says that we must be doing something right!


Incredible Fishing and Unparalleled Beauty

This combination will make your stay at Highliner Lodge and Charters Inc. unforgettable! Pelican, an authentic, rustic, rootin’-tootin’ commercial fishing village, was pioneered in 1938 to process the seemingly boundless runs of salmon and halibut caught by the Highliners who fished in these nearby waters. Where? Where the fish are! (Location, location, location!)

Pelican claimed to be “Closest to the Fish” in those days, but we are still indisputably "Closest to the Fish" today. See our “Catch Rates!” page for proof!