As you may be aware, the US Coast Guard (USCG) unexpectedly shut down the Emerald Island Mothership Operation about two years ago, just before our season started. Although were seeing tremendous demand for this option from our guests, the USCG told me I didn't have the proper license after approving the operation two years earlier. I am pleased to announce that we will now be licensed to operate for the upcoming season! I don't believe there is anything like this offered in Alaska and I am very excited about getting this operation going again!

What is the Emerald Island Mothership?

The Emerald Island (EI) is a 91' steel vessel that can accommodate up to 10 fishing guests at a time. Each guest will have their own private stateroom. We anchor the EI near the mouth of the Lisianski Inlet, only 5-10 minutes from the proven best fishing in Alaska! We tether two of our Highliner Lodge charter boats to the EI to take you fishing each morning. This gives us well over 10 hours of fishing adventure per day with no wasted travel time! In the evening, you'll return to the boat for dinner, drinks, and a hot shower.

Once you're in the city of Pelican, on the remote Chichagof Island, you're in a world away from the industrial tourism and overfishing that have ruined so many once wild locations in Alaska. Our town slogan is "Closest to the Fish!" for a reason: it is located only about 45 minutes from the best fishing grounds in Alaska. A stay on the Emerald Island however, will put you even closer to the fish!

On the EI, you will enjoy some of the same comforts that you'd find in our land-based operation, such as prepared meals and a hot shower at the end of the day. That being said, it's not your typical resort vacation or spa-like retreat. The emphasis is all on you and your buddies creating memories that will last a lifetime and fish stories that may outlive you!

Exclusive Benefits of Staying aboard the Emerald Island Mothership

  • The same incredible fishing experience and catch rates you expect from the Highliner Lodge boats and captains... but with an added 2-3 hours of fishing each day!
  • You will not have to spend 2 hours a day transiting to and from the fishing grounds
  • Groups of 8-10 will have exclusive use of the 91' Emerald Island and two charter boats
  • You will fish from an extraordinary secluded location with drop dead gorgeous views
  • You will have the flexibility to fish early and/or stay out later
  • There is no bed or sales tax charged

Vessel Information

Owned and operated by the Highliner Lodge, this 91' x 28' massive steel vessel weighs in at over one million pounds. It was built to the same specifications as the very best Bering Sea crabbers (think Deadliest Catch) by the storied Marco Shipyard in Seattle, Washington. It is the epitome of seaworthiness and Alaskan practicality. There is nowhere that this vessel cannot venture!

The Emerald Island was designed with 12 large private staterooms. It can accommodate 8-10 fishing guests, as well as a small Highliner crew to captain the two charter boats, process your fish and provide your meals. Because it is anchored near the fishing grounds in a calm scenic harbor, the time you will spend fishing can increase by 2 to 3 hours each day. This has the potential to increase your catch by 30 to 50%!