"A New Year"

February 2021

In this Issue:

-Complaint Department
-Emerald Island Mothership Operation is back!
-New freshwater fishing adventures
-New halibut regulations

"Still Livin' the Dream!" - Season Report

October 2020

In this Issue:
-Complaint Department: Did the Highliner Lodge Covid-19 Mitigation Plan Work?
-Sermon on the Seamount: Does keeping big halibut have a negative impact on the health of the fishery?

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Updates on "To Fish... or not to Fish?"

May 2020

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 11.41.06 AM
Responses and Questions on "To Fish... or not to Fish?"

April 2020

Hamlet Fish
"To Fish... Or Not To Fish"

April 2020

In this Issue:

* Complaint Department:

1. Our Cancellation Policy
2. We are indeed living in Interesting Times.

* Sermon on the Seamount:

1. Speaking of Social Distancing
2. The State of Alaska's 17th Public Health Mandate
3. Pelican itself is presents a unique environment that in many ways minimize the threat of virus spread.

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"Squid Pro Quo!"

November 2019

In this Issue:

* Complaint Department: Learning to delegate
* Squid Pro Quo: Update on our new marketing strategy
* Sermon on the Seamount: Blind Taste Test - Who says big halibut don't taste good?!

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"Impeach This!"

October 2019

In this Issue: 

-Why We DON'T Shoot Big Halibut
-The Highliner Lodge "A-Team"
-Making Halibut Fishing Great Again!

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"I Lied!! High(liner) Crimes and Misdemeanors!"

December 2018

In this Issue:

-2018 Record 500 Guests!
-Highliner Lodge Saves the World
-Making Halibut Fishing Great Again!

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"New Hip, New Boats, New Building... Same Attitude!"

Fall 2018

In this Issue:

-Best Year, Best Fishing, Best Value!
-Making Halibut Fishing Great Again
-GAF Simplified